For mobile audio and public participation. 25 minutes, 16 seconds. Documentation excerpt to left.

Almost Grand was the first in a series of Park Bench Cinema projects – musical cinematic dreams for specific times and places: in this case, a walk down Williamsburg’s Grand Street to the East River, forty-five minutes before sunset. It was first presented at the 2007 Conflux Festival, where more than thirty people walked, listening together. However, anybody can do the walk at any time. You can do it tomorrow!

Participants begin by downloading the mp3 and loading it onto their audio player. Then, exactly forty-five minutes before sunset, they meet in front of 84 Havemeyer Street [formerly The Change You Want To See gallery], press play, head towards Grand Street and then take a right onto Grand Street, walking down it all the way to the water (about a fifteen minute walk), where they sit on park benches and rocks and engage with the cinematic dreamscape. My hope is that Almost Grand heightens the senses and people’s connection with the sights and sounds around them, through a soundtrack made primarily with recordings from the area itself.

Anyone is free to download the mp3 and engage in the walk/sit at anytime, although leaving forty-five minutes before sunset on a clear day is suggested for maximal synchronicity.

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