For percussion quartet, turntable, live Max/MSP/Jitter video improvisation, and lighting design. Premiered by So Percussion. 17 minutes, 4 seconds.

Fear of Flying is an exploration of change and uncertainty through the lens of aviation. Early aviators, in particular, faced death and the unknown each time they went into the air. We often think of these historical characters as players on the field of history. I wanted to get closer to the hearts and bones of these characters – to catch a glint of the exhilaration, horror, or disbelief they might have felt, as well as to metaphorically explore the same emotions within myself in dramatic and mundane situations alike (see Erica Jong’s novel).

I used a new process in writing this piece, simultaneously sketching music, reading literature and collecting public domain footage. I then sat down to compose the music, and only added the images afterward, reversing the usual way that image and sound are put together. To paraphrase Walter Murch, It is my hope that eye and ear will sit together in this piece, that the music will change the way you look at the images, which will then change the way you listen to the music.