For string quartet, soprano, mezzo-soprano and alto. Premiered by the Princeton Composers Ensemble at Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University.

Fragments & Rumors is a series of eight short settings of fragments of Sappho’s poems, translated by Willis Barnstone. I was struck by the spare, funny and very human qualities of the texts. The settings are purposefully simple so as not to overwhelm the poems.

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Fragments & Rumors: All

1. To Atthis: I loved you, Atthis, long ago when you were like a small child with no charm.

2: Shall I?: I don’t know what to do. I say yes — and then no.

3. Having Refused To Accept The Bitter With The Sweet: I don’t want honey or the honey bee.

4. To Eros: You burn me.

5. Heart: Don’t try to bend a crazed heart.

6. Return: I have flown to you like a child to her mother.

7. Sleep: The black sheep of night closes my eyes.

8. No Oblivion: Someone, I tell you, will remember us.