For digital video projection. 3 minutes, 32 seconds.

My mother found a whole box of Super 8 reels in her attic. I immediately asked her if she’d send them to me. I watched several of them on a friend’s projector, and then immediately sent them all off to be digitized to DV tape.

I knew I’d want to do something with them. My mom’s a photographer, so they were well shot, bursting with saturated color. My parents’ honeymoon in Bermuda. My first toddling steps. A huge warehouse fire in the middle of a New England winter. Football games. My dad coming home from the army. All from the early to mid-sixties, all pristine.

This piece is an investigation more of identity than formal process, both in terms of the fragmentation of my digital self (I filmed myself sleeping) and the wispy memories of my parents younger selves (I was already older when I made this than they are in the films).

It’s dedicated to my family.