For singer/performer, laptop, live Max/MSP/Jitter video improvisation, and lighting design. In collaboration with Melissa Madden Gray.

M. was a theater piece exploring fragments of the life of Mary Magdalene. Not as an historical figure — scholars now believe she was not a prostitute but a woman of some power and an apostle in her own right — but as a narrative creation, a composite character whose existence has impacted the inner lives of women around the world. I wondered, too, why she couldn’t be a prostitute and an apostle; why her sexuality and her spirituality were thought to be polar opposites. Much of the footage for M. was shot in Bali; from the outset, I was interested in the idea of shadow as metaphor, and I spent several weeks in Bali studying gamelan, and experiencing shadow puppet theater, in hopes that I might retain some of the fluidity of shadows in the piece.