For mobile audio and public participation. Eleven soundtracks, totaling 39 minutes, 24 seconds. Postcard and video excerpt to left. More details available at the 11 Dreams in Red Hook website.

Cobblestone and green weeds. Red red bricks. The decay of time. The industrial ghost. Broccoli and beans and sunflowers grown. The statue of liberty. The Houses and the Back. The B61. Futbol, futbol, pupusas, huaraches. Basketball, baseball, the light streaming in. Water, water, everywhere (but not a drop to drink).

Eleven Dreams in Red Hook is the second in a series of Park Bench Cinema projects – musical cinematic dreams for real life: in this case, eleven soundtracks for specific locations. It can be experienced at any time in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

It was commissioned by the Brooklyn Arts Council and was presented every weekend in September 2008.

In June 2009, the eleven photographs and downloadable mp3s were exhibited at the Texas Firehouse as part of a group show, “Stored and Filtered: Technology, Time, and Landscape.”

In September 2009, it was a featured work at the Conflux Festival.

Right-click or control-click HERE to download the eleven soundtracks, the map, and the photographs.